Calculate a Lyophilization Cycle

Fill out the form below and follow the directions. Replace the values given with values you know.
% Solids in the Formula: Include all excipients and actives (except water).
Vial ID: meters Vial OD: meters The actual fill volume in mL.
Pick the vial type and size.
Tg'  or Collapse Temperature in °C   = Tp. Tp, the Safe Ice Temperature should be 2 or 3 degrees less than the collapse Temperature.
Chamber Pressure

Chamber Pressure to Use - The value is a recommendation based on Tp. Any pressure between 0 and 200 mtorr can be used. 'Recalc' goes back to the recommendation.
= Shelf Temp Vary the Shelf Temperature until Tp(red) and the Temperature at the Top of the Ice(red) match to within 0.5°C.
Average value for Product resistance in torr*cm2*hr/gm. Recalc returns the recommendation.
= °C change in Temperature over a 1cm height of the ice.
= °C Temperature at the top of the ICE. Click in the Box to get a Calculation.

Calculate a primary dry time.

grams/(cm2 * hr)   
minutes in primary at conditions above: Safety factor = 1.5.
Start Temp = 18°C

Temperature Ramp Rate going to Temp  Hold Time at Temp 
Freeze Segment °C °C/min min
Primary Segment °C °C/min min
Secondary Segment °C °C/min min